Topik Pertanyaan

Topik Pertanyaan Babak Penyisihan

  1. TCP/IP dasar, OSI Layer
  2. Topologi jaringan dasar
  3. Instalasi/upgrade/lisensi/reset/backup/export/import MikroTik RouterOS
  4. Fungsi-fungsi MikroTik RouterOS
  5. DHCP Server dan Client, ARP table
  6. Bridge and switch
  7. Routing, routing concept, static route, policy route, dynamic routing introduction
  8. Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, band, channel, data rates, AP-client configuration, wireless security, monitoring tools
  9. Firewall, concept, filter, nat, address-list, fast-track
  10. Simple queue, burst, PCQ configuration
  11. Tunnel, PPP, IP Pool, Secure local network, Point-to-point address, PPPoE, PPTP, SSTP
  12. RouterOS Tools
  13. Web proxy
  14. Dan topik lainnya yang terkait

Topik Pertanyaan Babak Final

  1. Semua topik di babak penyisihan
  2. DHCP Relay
  3. Dynamic Routing : OSPF (concept, configuration, area), BGP (concept, AS number, peer, basic config)
  4. Static Routing : multihop routing, multi gateway routing
  5. Firewall : mangle, mark-conn, mark-route, mark-packet, packet flow
  6. QoS : HTB, Queue-tree, Queue type
  7. All Tunnel and VPN
  8. Hotspot (concept, configuration)
  9. User Manager
  10. Dan topik lainnya yang terkait